Who is Steven Hull?

me in 1981

me, in 1981...
(looking a bit like a '70s Randle Chowning?)

with my kids: Bridget and Christina

... in 1997...
(looking a bit like a '90s Steve Cash?)

me in 2010

... and in 2010
(looking a bit like a '90s Supe?)



This site is dedicated to my mother and father.

Though not necessarily Daredevils fans, they were a

great inspiration in my musical upbringing.

mom and dad wedding pic 1955  mom and dad


dad dad

Colonel George G. Hull, USAF (Ret)

31 December 1933 - 19 November 2004

On occassion, he would whip out his ukulele and perform a pretty good

parody of Tiny Tim's Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

Not bad for a jet fighter pilot !!

He also sang in the church choir.



mom young mom

  Adana D. Hull Hilkemeier

26 July ???? - 29 forever

What can I say?

She encouraged me to play the piano, euphonium, and guitar throughout my younger days.

She would give my siblings earplugs and help them escape whenever I practiced.

In 1973, as a district director for Sweet Adelines, she helped me land an

audition to be a guitarist in an Air Force rock band. I passed.

Is that cool or what?

Thanks mom!!

She doesn't play very much piano these days, but still sings in the church choir.



Why do I do these tabs?

Simple... just about everytime I want to play a Daredevils song, I realize that I have forgotten it.

By posting tabs, I can refer to them and get back up to speed...

...and I can share them with y'all.

I also hope that I'm doing my share to help preserve the music of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils!!!


by the way... I occassionally get email thanking me for being such a nice Daredevil for doing all of this work.

I appreciate the praise but..... I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

I am not on their staff and I do not receive any compensation for this work - it's all voluntary on my part.

But again, thanks for the compliments!

Much appreciated.



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